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Eye of the Pyramid - Cat's A Bear Eye of the Pyramid
  1. Eye of the Pyramid 6:03 (Frank Singer)
  2. The Current Sea 7:40 (Frank Singer)
  3. Bearskin Rug 6:51 (Frank Singer)
  4. Theme For Eric and Eric 8:23 (Frank Singer)
  5. Ceiling Street 7:39 (Frank Singer)
  6. Double Felix 7:45 (Frank Singer)
  7. William's Overture (Frank Singer, Joe Dorris, William Dorris)
  8. Frank's Lament 10:54 (Frank Singer)

Re-released May 2004

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Tito In Wonderland - Cat's A Bear Tito in Wonderland
  1. Blues for Alice 8:06 (Charlie Parker)
  2. Sugar 12:44 (Stanley Turrentine)
  3. Change 11:59 (Frank Singer)
  4. 'Round Midnight 15:39 (Cootie Williams, Thelonius Monk, lyrics by Bernie Hanighan)
  5. Honey Suckle Rose 6:39 (Fats Waller)
  6. Prime Dub 9:11 (Frank Singer)

Recorded June 1996

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Tito: In Search of a Revolution
  1. Legbones (F. Singer)
  2. Blue Tito (F. Singer)
  3. Bill's B.S. (F. Singer, J. Dorris, W. Dorris)
  4. F-It (F. Singer, T. Stefanelli)
  5. Knick's Knack (F. Singer)
  6. HSA (F. Singer)
  7. In-cog-TITO (F. Singer)
  8. Positive Energy (T. Stefanelli, F. Singer, J. Dorris)

All Compositions 1993


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